Hydroenergetica Ltd was established in 1995 as a private consulting engineering company. It provides engineering services in hydraulic construction, operation and maintenance. The company offers engineering and construction services in water and energy sector, with specialisation in investigation and design of dams and reservoirs, objects of civil hydraulic construction and small hydro power plants, construction of hydraulic engineering small hydropower structures, assessment of technical conditions, designing and installation of monitoring systems on dams and hydraulic structures.

To accomplish these tasks successfully the Company recruited specialists with an extensive experience in investigation, design, construction and operation of hydraulic and civil engineering. Most of the specialists have 30-year experience in this area. Some of them are awarded with high degrees of Science Master and PhD.

The Company opened its affiliate in Ukraine, which provides not only consulting engineering services, but also supplies technological equipment for small and medium hydropower plants. Affiliate is one of the leading companies selling technological equipment produced by european manufacturers to CIS countries. See details in the website: www.hydroenergetica.com.

Hydroenergetica Ltd uses modern analytical methods based on mathematical modeling of processes. These models are based on software developed by the Company itself as well as by the leading international corporations. The Company cooperates with several leading companies over the world involved in hydropower supplying services.