Hydroenergetica delivers construction management services to clients from project concept to completion and commissioning. Construction services experts provide clients with an wide range of pre-construction and construction-related services and solutions for companies and organizations varying scope, budget, schedule and complexity building longstanding relationships with clients . As an essential team member on each project, we are very important partner for our clients.

The company implement the following scope of services:

1. Design and construction of hydrotechnical structures such as

  • Dams, dikes, sluices, 
  • Canals, tunnels, pipelines, 
  • Intakes, water intakes 
  • Spillways, floodgate, 

2. Excavation and preparation work

  • Clearing, planning, loosening,  
  • Elaboration, transfer and laying the ground 
  • Excavation trenches and pits 

3. High voltage line construction

4. Construction of buildings  

Hydroenergetica implemented the following construction projects:

  • Agreement on the excavation and construction of a small hydropower plant of “Kayur”· 
  • Contract on improvement works in the area of hydro​​power plant “Ishkhanasar” 
  • Contract on the works of destruction of existing structures, pits and basics, and fill the earth 
  • Earthworks for Armenia TV 
  • Contract on earthworks for “MT Memkon” LLC