Hydroenergetica Ltd is one of the leading organization in Armenia providing investigation services cooperating with several leading companies, such as COYNE ET BELLIER (France), JACOBS International (USA), Lahmeyer International GmbH (Germany), Applied Earth Sciences (USA), HYDRA Engineering Co. (SYRIA), etc.

The company offers the following investigation services:

  • Dam Safety Assessment 
  • Technical Condition Assessment of Engineering Structures 
  • Soil Investigation and Geotechnical Engineering 

Usually the Company conducts its activities in two stages:

  • Preliminary stage:Rapid assessment of the state of structures, identify major deficiencies, develop detailed investigation program. This stage also includes examination of the state of monitoring system and analysis of the monitored data. 
  • Second stage: Detailed study of structures with development of models of investigated processes, elaboration of development scenarios of various deficiencies, risk assessment of structures, calculation of inundation area in the case of dam breach. 

Dam Safety Assessment

Hydroenergetica Ltd assessed technical conditions of actually all existing 83 Armenian dams. Similar investigation was implemented in neighboring countries: Nagorno-Karabakh, Georgia, Syrian Arab Republic.

  • Rapid Investigation of 60 Dams  
  • Detailed Investigation of 60 Dams  
  • Investigation of Technical Conditions of 17th April Dam and Reservoir  
  • Investigation of Technical Condition and Seepage of Dams and Reservoirs of AFAMIA B&C  
  • Investigation of Condition of Perimetral Gallery of Al Abiad Dam  
  • Assessment of Technical Condition of Engineering Structures 

Technical Condition Assessment of Engineering Structures

Since 2006 up to date the Company with Lahmeyer International GmbH executes a technical consultancy in the frame of German-Armenian

Renewable Energy Fund Small Hydro Power Plants (SHPP) in Armenia, financed by the German KfW Development Bank. In the scope of this program more than 70 already functioning and in the process of designing SHPPs, have been investigated for the purpose of their technical reliability. Under the same program regular technical supervision on designing and construction of SHPPs involved in the program is being carried out.

Technical Conditions of SHPPs

Company executes technical supervision and concrete testing on both hydraulic and civil constructing objects. Similar activities are being executed not only in the Republic of Armenia but also outside the country. Hydroenergetica LTD has established a Geotechnical Engineering and Concrete Quality Control Unit together with Applied Earth Sciences (USA). The unit is properly equipped with required laboratory and field testing equipment. Soil tests are conducted both according to ASTM and GOSTs (CIS country) standards.

  • Soil Investigation, Geotechnical Engineering 
  • Technical Supervision. Concrete Testing 
  • Soil investigation of Hotel at 1 Saralanj Street in Yerevan 
  • Technical Supervision of Hotel Construction 
  • Investigation of Technical Condition and Seepage of Dams and Reservoirs of AFAMIA B&C